County Road 38E Parking Situation

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2 comments on “County Road 38E Parking Situation
  1. Shelly finn says:

    is this parking due to an overcrowded Horsetooth Mountain Park or people that just don’t want to pay their way?

  2. Rachel Robbins says:

    It was mostly due to overcrowding of the parking lot. I posted these pictures because I had emailed someone at Larimer County Parks about the situation. He said they knew about it but couldn’t do anything: Larimer County had recently put up no parking signs where they thought they should be, so everywhere else was legal to park

    I responded that it might be legal, but it wasn’t safe, and took these photos on a Sunday to show him. It was just so obviously dangerous for bikes, joggers, hikers walking in, AND cars. The pictures seemed to make an impact: he said he’d forward the link to some other people. And the situation seems to have improved since. I think rangers are more actively directing people to park at Blue Sky and, once it’s full, to at least park completely off the road AND off the bike lane. Since you can’t do that on some of those stretches of road, people aren’t parking there — at least as far as I’ve seen, or as often. (Maybe they added more no parking signs, too?)

    The overcrowding is still a problem. The parks are so popular! You can hardly blame people. That’s why we love it here, right? On Facebook they regularly post which parking lots are full, often before noon on weekend days.

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